Car Key and lock repair

Krazy keys also does broken key and key shell repair/ replacement. We also carry stock for common automotive car locks and barrels to fix problem with stuck/problematic locks.

Krazy keys can help you to again entry to lockout vehicle if you have locked your keys in side

Other common problems we can help with are cracked key case replacement and bent key blades. Toyota, Honda,  Lexus and Mitsubishi keys are renowned for cracking and falling apart. We carry replacement cases for all Toyota keys and can save you hundreds of money over buying replacement keys from a main dealer. We can also replace missing transponder chips. This is very common with Mitsubishi and Honda keys where the chip is fixed underneath the remote. On early models of Astra and Mitsubishi cars the remote fob can be pulled off from the key blade causing the chip to fall out and prevent the car from starting. We can replace the transponder chip and program it to your cars immobilizer – even without the vehicles security immo code.

Why use us to repair your car key?

We are fully mobile and come to you

We will always be cheaper than buying a new key from the dealer

Dealers do not offer a repair service, only replacement at a higher cost

We can extract broken pieces of keys from locks

We can offer you spare car keys whilst on site

We have the technology to replace lost transponder chips