Not a lot of people know the importance of spare car keys. Only a small portion of used cars sold in the GTA come with a spare key. And out of those car buyers, only a handful will go out of their way to contact a Krazy keys replacement provider to get one. It makes a lot of sense to own a spare key. Below are some of the reasons why you should have at least a single spare car key.

Save money

Spare keys are cheaper to make option when you lost all your car keys. It quicker and easier to copy your existing to make second spare key then making new key from scratch. Thus, it is worth to invest money in spare key just for back up key in case you lose your only key.

Saves Time

In case you lost your key. If you have spare key stored at convenient location. You can get the key and have your vehicle running. Get another spare key made in your convenient time then look and wait for key replacement service in lost key situation.

Good Option for Two Drivers

If there are two or more people using the same car, having spare car keys is a must. Sharing a single key increases the risk of losing it. If each driver owns one, there is less chance of forgetting where the key is placed. It also saves time because you don’t need to wait for the other driver to pass over the key.

If you are looking for spare key. Please give us call with following information 4373701693

Vehicle make, model and year

Location of the car

A description or photo of your old key

Do not worry if you do not have all the information here, but the more information you can provide us about your car and key the easier it will be for us the quote on the job.